With Labor Day behind us, the unofficial end of summer has everyone in a “back to school” mode. Vacations have ended, relaxation takes a back seat, and for job seekers the re-focus is back on the job search.

While this may be a time when it’s difficult to get motivated, there are 3 simple things you can do to reinvigorate your job search now that Labor Day has passed.

1. Get organized. Take a new look at your job search goals and re-assess if they are in line with your accomplishments – and also current job opportunities in the marketplace. Is this a time to forge a new career path? Should you be looking at acquiring new skills to increase your employment opportunities? Whether this involves pursuing courses, volunteering or mapping out a new job strategy altogether, taking a new look at your goals will help determine if you are on the right path – or need to make adjustments to achieve success.

2. Reconnect with your network. Now is the time to get out and network. Building a professional network is one of the most effective job search strategies, helping you establish a group of job-search advocates. If you haven’t spent time networking this summer, now is the time to set up informational meetings. Look to people in your current network to introduce you to their associates or industries that may be of interest. Set up lunch meetings. Attend industry events and seminars. All of these tactics can help open up job opportunities.

3. Get back to a routine. While the summer is a time when regular routines are set aside, now you will need to organize the time placed toward your job search. Develop a routine that will ensure you focus on your job search daily. This can be parsed out by allotting specific activities to each day of the week. For instance, Monday can be your organization day; the day you take a look at the week ahead and prioritize your schedule.

Another day can be focused on networking, whether researching people you can connect with on LinkedIn, attending an event, or making it a goal to schedule at least one meeting with someone in your professional network.

Keeping organized and busy will not only help you be more productive with your job search, but emotionally it can give you the boost you need to keep you motivated toward success.

For more job search advice, read articles from our experts or visit our job boards at www.americasjobexchange.com.

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