In a nutshell, yes.  As a veteran, you face unique challenges when finding work in the public sector. From how to transition from military service to civilian work-life, to how best to craft a resume that speaks to hiring managers in non-military terms; these are just some of the numerous factors you need to consider when looking for work.

While there are many routes to take to finding a job – such as submitting your resume to veteran-focused online job boards, one of the most effective – especially for a veteran – is attending specific hiring events or job fairs.

One of the most beneficial reasons to attend a veteran’s hiring event is that you have an opportunity to market yourself directly to companies looking to hire candidates in the veteran community. You essentially have a captive audience.

Veterans hiring events, in particular, provide you direct access to employers who are looking to augment their hiring strategy with post-military employees. Here you will be exposed to those employers who are seeing candidates with your unique skills and qualifications – with less need to downplay your military service, as these employers are specifically recruiting candidates like you.

Another benefit is the added opportunity to network, providing additional opportunities to secure employment within a company. Veterans hiring events provide a forum where you can assess potential employers – and positions. This can further help in defining the type of career you would like to pursue. This is also helpful in narrowing down your career choices and will better ensure you choose a job and an organization that is the best fit.

Lastly, the information you walk away with from a hiring event cannot be discounted. Gather brochures and pamphlets. Write down corporate websites. Take down information about hiring managers you can contact, post event.

Do not discount this important component of the job search process. Attending veterans hiring events is a prime opportunity to meet and connect with corporations, polish your interviewing skills and network with other job seekers. Make plans to attend one today.

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