With the unemployment rate still hovering around the eight percent range, there are many factors to consider for job seekers looking for work. This includes looking at the industries and fields that offer the best growth potential and hiring opportunities, such as health care. This also includes factoring in those cities and states that show the highest growth in employment, thereby experiencing lower unemployment rates than the national average.

In looking at our over a million online job postings repository, we at America’s Job Exchange find that currently the following states show the highest rate of active jobs across the AJE job boards.

These cities are :

1) Houston, TX

2) Boston, MA

3) San Francisco, CA

4) Chicago, IL

5) New York, NY

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics latest jobs report, the states with the largest increase in employment included Texas, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.   States that showed the largest decrease in employment were Michigan, followed by Ohio and Oregon.

When we look at the states where we are seeing the most activity on our AJE job boards, the employment rates vary. Texas and Massachusetts have current unemployment rates well below the national average of 6.8 percent and 6.5 percent.  Both Illinois and New York are higher than the national average, at 8.8 percent and 8.9 percent, respectively. California ironically shows the highest rate of unemployment at 10.5 percent statewide.

Factoring in your job search by State by State hiring as well as high-growth fields can better advance your job search.

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