AJE Featured in Job Boards to Love Podcast Series

AJE in the Media“When a job seeker uses AJE she can search for jobs from larger companies who are interested in building a workforce as diverse as America. This opens up opportunities for protected groups – protected veterans, individuals with disabilities and more.” And these are just some of the reasons why Rathin Sinha, president of America’s Job Exchange, confirmed that AJE is a job board to love during his recent podcast with Careeerleaf, a job board community connecting job seekers with niche job boards. As part of the series, Job Boards to Love, Careerleaf has been focusing on unique and specialized job boards that provide job seekers access to careers more aligned to their interests and needs.

Speaking with Mark Lesiw, vice president of business development of Careerleaf, Sinha outlined AJE’s long storied history, which dates back more than five-year’s past its official launch date. During the discussion, Sinha outlines AJE’s  “almost 20 years of history,” dating back to the US Department of Labor and the launch of the first job board in 1995, under the moniker of America’s Job Bank, AJB – as it was known. AJB would become the largest job board in the U.S.

“The story behind our five-year old job board is very long – with a history of many firsts and a history of introducing technologies before they became widely used in the industry.” Fast forward 2006, and job boards are thriving, said Sinha; proof that the concept of the internet job market was mature enough to continue. When the Department of Labor discontinued service of AJB in 2007 America’s Job Exchange was born – “literally on the fourth of July,” Sinha notes during his discussion.

Rathin highlights how AJE was launched using the same platform and technologies, providing more than 2 million job seekers a familiar and trusted source to find primarily low and middle income jobs; and how AJE continues to provide a large number of enterprise employers with an OFCCP compliance tool to fulfill OFCCP regulatory mandates.

When asked what the key benefits of AJE were, Rathin was quick to respond, highlighting AJE’s relationship with a core group of job seeker followers – who have come to depend on state employment job search systems, and its expertise in OFCCP compliance.

Rathin goes on to discuss other element of the job search process including how long it take seekers to find a job; best advice for job seekers, and characteristics of the most successful job seeker candidates.

To hear the podcast in its entirety, visit here.

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