America's Job Exchange at the 2013 NC/SC ILG SummitThis week America’s Job Exchange had the opportunity to serve as a Silver Sponsor for the 2013 NC/SC ILG Regional summit, held March 12 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Joining over 100 other attendees, this relaxed and informative summit provided all with an opportunity to network with their recruiting peers, discuss issues impacting the industry, as well as enjoy some down time with new friends. As a Silver Sponsor, America’s Job Exchange was immersed in all summit activities, including presenting summit attendee, Stefanie Martin, of USfalcon, with a Kindle Fire as part of our Sponsor raffle. Hope you enjoy, Stefanie!

The opening session confirmed that attendance at ILG regional events are nothing if not informative. Speaker Valerie Hoffman, of Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, a law firm with nationwide experience with compliance reviews, outlined new regulations the OFCCP will be issuing pertaining to veterans and individuals with disabilities. These regulations are just some of the initiatives top-of-mind with those involved with compliance as the second term of the Obama administration works to move forward its regulatory agenda, including new strategic initiatives focusing on compensation and other Affirmative Action regulations.

Following sessions focused on other regulations impacting shifts in OFCCP compliance, including implications of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)’s enforcement agenda for the coming years, one focus of which includes new guidance on the use of criminal background checks and its impact on discrimination in recruiting and hiring. We recently discussed Directive 306 on our blog, which outlines the guidance the OFCCP and EEOC stipulates Federal contractors need to be mindful of when making employment decisions based on criminal history records of job applicants. Visit here to read more.

After a short break, we began to discuss other compelling topics such as a review of other significant developments in the OFCCP agenda, including pay discrimination, which the OFCCP recently addressed in a new directive issued in February called Directive 307; a measure to improve the OFCCP’s ability to conduct full investigations into, and remedy, different forms of pay discrimination. Again, another topic we recently addressed on our blog. Visit here to learn more.

As the sessions began to wind down, we began to review some additional impactful compliance issues, including a presentation from speaker Ellen Shong Berman, of Ellen Shong & Associates, LLC, who provided her view on recordkeeping regulations and critical analytical issues to better manage what is high risk area of compliance for many.

The final sessions of the day included a presentation on how to balance affirmative action requirements with creating a diverse workforce (an absolute must today), and a topic that is high on contractor’s priority list, the OFCCP compensation audit, with a look at Equal Pay Act and other new legislation, such as the Lilly Ledbetter act.

Overall, we’re pleased to say that this year’s summit was a complete success. And we’re looking forward to supporting other ILG events; we hope to see you at one in your area soon.

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