“Pay discrimination is a real and persistent problem in the American workforce and an important policy issue. If our efforts are complemented by robust voluntary compliance by employers doing an in-depth analysis of their practices and how they apply in addressing issues, then that is going to make a real difference in people’s lives,” Pamela Coukos, senior program advisor with the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recently said during a March 22 OFCCP-sponsored webinar.

Coukos was specifically addressing the OFCCP’s decision on February 28th to rescind its 2006 compensation guidance and investigation protocols as it relates to contractor pay practices, which we addressed in an earlier blog outlining the OFCCP’s new policy, Directive 307. Visit here to read more.

During the webinar, Coukos outlined how the agency’s new directive will better position the agency in addressing pay practices found among federal contractors as well as align OFCCP enforcement with existing standards for pay discrimination as outlined in Executive Order 11246, which prohibits contractors from discriminating in rates of pay or other forms of compensation.

In all, Coukos outlined how the new measures will further help improve and expand compensation investigation procedures and protocols by the OFCCP, allowing the agency to follow the same standards as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other federal agencies when it comes to assessing pay discrimination.

The webinar addressed what is required of federal contractors as it relates to employing fair pay practices, and the steps they need to take if they receive a scheduling letter from the OFCCP, including the new compensation audit procedures the OFCCP will follow. For more information on the OFCCP audit, including responding to a scheduling letter – the first step to the audit process, visit our OFCCP article archive here.

For a complete listing of upcoming OFCCP sponsored webinars and events, visit the Department of Labor here.

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