The Greater Boston Food Bank & KyleRecently, AJE’s own Kyle Brown volunteered at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), for the first annual AJE holiday outreach effort.  The experience was eye opening and fulfilling, Kyle said.  The GBFB is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England.  Their goal for 2013 is to make sure that every person in need in Eastern Massachusetts could be provided at least ONE meal a day.

Below Kyle summarizes his enriching day at the GBFB on Nov 4th.

While volunteering at the GBFB I was given the opportunity to serve alongside many veterans who work at the GBFB in order to help serve their community.  I was also able to work with many local agencies that bring food to those in need; particularly to those with disabilities, homeless veterans, and children in need of assistance (many of whom are in this situation because of disabled, and Veteran parents unable to find work).  I was able to converse with many agency leaders, workers, and volunteers about how hard it is today for Veterans to showcase their skills and land the job they need.

Veterans themselves spoke about the issues they have had when presenting their skills upon return from active duty.  Some said they found that their experience from being in the military was not looked at in the same light as someone who had spent 5 years working at a regular office.  Many felt that if they had not served their country and simply stayed home behind a desk they would be able to better support their families now, even though many veterans have learned and experienced much more than some people behind the desk.  To them, these roadblocks are hard to overcome in order to get a job, post deployment.  Many of the Vets I met, showed great leadership skills, compassion, incredible willingness to learn, and an overall positive attitude that is commendable.

It was a great experience that truly opens one’s eyes to what is happening within our local communities.  It shows that more needs to be done, and action needs to be taken in order to help Veterans get back to work and start being able to support their families again, the way they want to.

At AJE,we are trying to make a difference.  Please explore the resources available at the various exchanges on our website for a fulfilling and enriching job search experience.

Military Skills Translator for Veterans

Employment Assistance

Veterans & Disability

We have a rich website with a wealth of helpful information and tools.  Please visit www.americasjobexchange.comfor more information.

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