iStock_000021205280SmallTraditionally, the day AFTER Thanksgiving is the official kickoff for holiday shopping. This year, the announcement by several retailers like Kmart, Target, Walmart, Macy’s and Kohl’s to be open during Thanksgiving Day to begin the holiday shopping season has caused ripples of shock all over the country and has created the controversy over working on a day deemed sacred for family time.

The nation is divided on the topic of morality of such a bold retail step. Should people be staying home enjoying their family or rush out in a panic so as to not miss out on those must-have deals?

Additionally, the questions arises, who will be running those cash registers? Who will be working during Thanksgiving Day and should they?

The fact is, although we romanticize family life and quality time with family, not everyone enjoys spending time with their kin. There are enough people in this world, who get stressed out and even dread spending prolonged hours with relatives over holidays, facing their questions, scrutiny and judgment. So if these shops are filled with customers on Thanksgiving Day, then that would be very telling.

There are also enough single, childless adults out there who would not mind working during Thanksgiving and make some quick cash. Students too, looking to earn something while home for the Thanksgiving Break, or being alone in their dorm or apartment, could also fall under this category.

There are some people who are forced to work during Thanksgiving like television and news professionals and the Police. It is not uncommon for these professionals to have their own Thanksgiving celebration at work. If there is work to be done, it is better to do it with the right attitude and have some fun doing it!

So, it really is important to live and let live in this matter of working on Thanksgiving Day and not gang up on retailers who have chosen to open their doors to the public on this day. It can really help some people deal with dreaded relatives and others to relieve the boredom and misery of being alone during Thanksgiving and other holidays.

If your employer is open on Thanksgiving day and you are expected to show up for work you shouldn’t feel alone. A recent survey by finds that more job seekers are inclined to work on Thanksgiving than not. In fact almost 62% are either working or willing to work on the Thanksgiving day for the extra dough.

There you have it. Happy Thanksgiving, and a happy start to the holiday season.

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