Federal Contractors Best Moves for 2014Happy New Year Federal Contractors!  With new federal regulations regarding hiring of protected veterans and candidates with disability ready to go into effect March 24, 2014, now is the time to get all your ducks in a row for a successful OFCCP audit.

The new regulations are confusing and extensive.  However, as a federal contractor you need to understand them well so as to be compliant and survive an OFCCP audit without penalty.  Check out the OFCCP website for regulations details.

A great way to prepare your organization to comply with these new regulations is to prepare your outreach plan to attract candidates of quality that meet the new regulation and EEO requirements.  America’s Job Exchange has a meticulous and systematic 10-step outreach plan that meets all OFCCP regulation requirements.

Linked with your efforts for outreach to hire candidates that help you stay compliant is also a reporting and data analysis plan of action.  Browse our site for vast resources on how to effectively prepare your reporting.

The new rules mandate attention to detail.  They may seem slightly confusing and intimidating but they are navigable.  At AJE we have taken a lot of time to understand these regulations and how they are to be applied.  Register today and let us help you.

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