Ready or not – the new regulations are less than 90 days away!In less than 90 days, on March 24, the new regulations to improve hiring and employment of veterans and individuals with disabilities (IWD) go into effect. These final two rules announced on August 27, 2013 represent major step forward for the affirmative action agenda of the OFCCP leadership that has been active and engaged since the first term of the current administration. According to Patricia Shiu, the Director of the OFCCP these revised rules represent “…an important step toward reducing barriers to real opportunities for veterans and individuals with disabilities”. The new regulations strengthen the existing mandates requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to affirmatively recruit, hire, train and promote qualified veterans and individuals with disability. The new regulations require contractors to set a goal for recruitment and employment from the above two groups, and annually measure progress through quantifiable metrics. They also establish stringent recordkeeping requirements, and provide clear guidelines for mandatory job listing for protected veterans at the state Employment Service Delivery Systems (ESDS).

These new revisions are “game changers” – that is, they truly transform affirmative action from ‘best effort’ programs to a regiment of programmatic measurable sets of action with clear objective of continuous improvement. These changes require that every contractor clearly understands the regulations, develops and implements a comprehensive affirmative action program, and perhaps partner with service providers who can assist with AAP preparation, data analysis and recruitment outreach and record keeping. This is not the time to go solo – not a period to be penny wise while risking pounds, and more importantly, jeopardizing the reputation of your business. Attracting talent is similar to attracting consumers and customers – the reputation of your business counts.

At America’s Job Exchange, we are tracking the regulatory changes, implementing new processes and investing in new infrastructure to help you succeed. We are working with some of the most recognized and reputable enterprises in the nation, and developing solutions that not only aim to fulfill the regulatory requirements, but use these changes as an opportunity to help our customers revamp the recruitment programs for true competitive advantage in the war for talent. I encourage you visit our resource page that gives you information and tools.  Attend future webinars that we have organized to engage in meaningful discussions, familiarize yourself with the OFCCP pages, and work with the experts so you are not just ready for the regulations, but ready to seize the opportunity. We all know that change is challenging, but to the real winners – change is real opportunity! So, get prepared. The clock is ticking and opportunity is knocking.

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