Happy birthday.This Fourth of July, coinciding with the America’s Birthday, America’s Job Exchange (AJE) celebrates its 7th birthday. AJE was launched on the fourth of July 2007 and it has been an exciting seven years so far as AJE has gradually become a market leader in online recruitment with a special emphasis on helping enterprises hire diversity talent to ensure compliance with the federal regulations governing equal employment and affirmative action. More than one thousand leading corporations of our nation have leaned on AJE to help them drive talent acquisition through a combination of private sector diversity outreach and the assets of the state Employment Service Delivery Systems. Thousands of other organizations have used AJE simply to reach and hire talent. What started as a market exploration with the left over technology of the DOL’s America’s Job Bank ended up as a pioneer and market leader in a niche category of the online recruitment market that was non-existent before 2007.

During these short seven years, AJE has launched numerous products and services to help customers be successful. Besides consistently attracting more than a million job seekers to its flagship job site www.americasjobexchange.com , it has launched community specific job sites for the veterans and individuals with disabilities to help employers enrich their affirmative action programs for those communities. AJE has extended job search to mobile through its iPhone App, and brought job search to the social media through its Facebook job search application. It has assisted employers to expand reach by the use of aggregators and created direct link to community based organizations that are critical for hiring diversity. And, it has collaborated with the state employment delivery systems to ensure job reach to those helping job seekers at the one-stop centers and searching on the state job banks. Once again, AJE has taken the lead by creating the most comprehensive reporting and data analytics platform to help organizations improve their hiring effectiveness and navigate through compliance evaluations.

This couldn’t have been possible without a great team that committed itself to the cause, and without the support and assistance from hundreds of partners in the ecosystem – such as niche job sites, affirmative action specialists, compliance consultants, EEO advisors and, of course, governmental agencies such as the state workforce development divisions in all fifty states, the Department of Labor and numerous community based organizations.

So as I look back to a hectic Fourth of July weekend seven years back trying to launch our site, I thank everyone for helping us exceed our wildest dreams of that day. And I hope that we will continue our journey with greater confidence and make bigger impact in the online recruitment and compliance category.

It is truly a time for celebration, and a time to renew our commitment!

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