August 5-8, 2014, were a few busy days for America’s Job Exchange. Exhibiting at NILG, we were in the midst of the electrifying atmosphere of the 50th year of the Civil Rights Movement and a host of employers who were actively seeking to recruit talent of diversity and understand the compliance issues that are related with affirmative action and EEO hiring.

We were happy to display our compliance solution to many prospective customers and thrilled to see many of our existing customers who stopped by to say hello. The new regulations that have tightened the requirements for diversity hiring, especially for veterans and candidates of disability, make outreach and OFCCP compliance related steps even more critical. Outreach and reporting are two sides of the same coin, so effective outreach has to go hand in hand with meticulous and organized reporting.

At America’s Job Exchange (AJE), we have made some enhancements to our reporting tool and are excited to outline its highlights. As you know, OFCCP is increasingly emphasizing reporting as a means to seek proof of outreach and how outreach programs are being effective in terms of employers reaching their diversity recruitment goal. AJE has developed and made available to customers as part of their overall solution, a self-service reporting portal where customers can log in anytime and look at the details of the distribution of each individual job to general, diversity and ESDS outreach entities.

This reporting tool essentially provides you the ability to select a particular range of dates, a division, a single job as well as a group of jobs for you to see in detail, exactly where and when the jobs were posted. The information to the different outreach components are easily available and if you are interested in the history of one particular job then you can search with the job ID number that clearly indicates that the job came from your site and view the distribution history of that job. Additionally, our reporting tool provides links to employment offices in all 50 states. State credentials and account alerts to customers for state credential updates are also a function of our reporting portal.

Apart from proof of outreach, it is important to show effectiveness of outreach so we provide you the ability to learn about the candidates that expressed interest in your job(s) by source. This helps you identify sources that are being effective in your outreach program by providing you interested and talented candidates.

At the end of the day, our reporting tool helps to demonstrate your current outreach program and show you where the gaps might be. This in turn allows you to chalk out a plan for the future to continuously update your outreach program based on where gaps need to be filled. This kind of focused commitment will demonstrate that you are indeed truly dedicated in hiring diversity talent and are taking all the needed steps to reach out, attract and hire candidates that show promise.

For more information please contact your account manager at America’s Job Exchange. You can also download our OFCCP Compliance for Recruitment brochure and visit us at

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