AJE Giveaway Winner Stephanie Teasdale

Winner- Stephanie Teasdale!

The NILG in Washington D.C. was the forum for great affirmative action discussion and knowledge gathering of the new OFCCP regulations. America’s Job Exchange (AJE) was there as a silver sponsor exhibiting its compliance solutions, making new connections and reconnecting with existing ones. It was a hub of wonderful and exciting discussions about the ways to navigate the new OFCCP regulations and gather as much information as possible as a provider of compliance solutions to our customers.

We are excited to announce the winner of our Samsung Galaxy giveaway, Stephanie Teasdale. Stephanie is the Affirmative Action Compliance Program Development Manager for Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) based in Plano, TX. She is in charge of the strategic development, design, and implementation of Affirmative Action and EEO Compliance.

Stephanie partners with the business and ensures their understanding of the new regulations and proper implementation into the HP Way Now Culture. She is very interested to learn about the OFCCP’s expectations after the transition year is over. She attends conferences to seek more information regarding this.   In the meantime, the most important thing is to be vigilant at all times, conduct internal audits to determine any gaps or shortfalls, train on the importance of the program, and be willing to adapt your program to yield positive results.

Stephanie attends the NILG annually to stay on top of laws and regulations that affect the Affirmative Action community. She vouches for the benefits of networking and idea generation with colleagues. The challenge in this type of role is the requirement of intimate knowledge of the regulations and the ability to interpret them to help guide your company’s policies, procedures, and practices. Confusion still persists in the interpretation of the new OFCCP regulations around VEVRAA and Section 503, attending webinars, conferences and networking extensively is an absolute must!

Her best advice is “Read the regulations yourself and understand how it affects your company directly. Without this understanding, you cannot build an effective and evolving program.”

Thanks so much Stephanie for your time and congratulations again!

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