America’s Job Exchange (AJE) is very proud to unveil its first virtual career fair, January 14, 2015, 12pm-5pm. Virtual job fairs have existed for a while but now are becoming more mainstreamed and being recognized as a very useful tool by both job seekers and employers.  

AJE’s virtual career fair will match companies with candidates with the right skills in the comfort of home or office. AJE has a huge candidate pool that employers could access and either fill open positions or build their pipeline. In fact a virtual fair is the best way to reach candidates as you can access a wide pool nationally or internationally!

On the actual day of the event, employers will have a chance to chat with candidates in a real-time live chat that is timed so that they can interact with numerous talented job seekers. As they chat with job seekers, employers will also get to see on their screen pertinent candidate information that could pique their interest and they could learn more about them. Recruiters will also have a chance to ask candidates to upload their resume and if a match, the candidates could be moved along the hiring process quickly or referred to another colleague.

The advantages of the AJE virtual job fair will be that the travel expense and other costs are completely eliminated and there will be access to candidates from all over the nation. We are using a technology platform that makes the whole experience very easy and efficient. After employers sign up with AJE, we will send links for booth set up and for training sessions. Training sessions are online and once every week so employers can learn how to set up their online, branded booth including displaying open jobs, embedding videos and relevant company information. You register to attend the event and submit information to build your fully branded custom booth, including the ability to display open positions, videos, benefits information and more. Accounts for multiple members of your team will be created so you may have up to 3 recruiters manning your online booth. On our end, we will provide Dedicated, personalized account support and promotion of your company leading up to the event. Post event, you will receive all chat transcripts and depending on what package you buy, all candidate resumes or resumes of candidates you chat with.

So what can you expect on the day of the online career fair? During the live event candidates browse your booth, your live discussion thread and then choose to chat one-on-one. During a chat, you can view candidate profile and resume. The text based conversations are efficient, each chat is timed and key candidate information is available during chat. After each chat, your recruiters can rate the conversation and take notes. You can also email candidates directly from the platform to move them through your hiring process by using your dashboard to track and follow connections and quickly identifying top candidates or forward candidate information, along with your chat transcript, to a colleague. Finally, you will get data you need to track candidates- registration updates, attendance metrics and Splash page Analytics.

The prediction is that virtual job fairs will be the way of the future as it gives both candidates and employers an opportunity to make informed decisions based on virtual interactions and traditional job fairs will become mostly an interview forum. Nothing can replace a face-to-face, but face time with a candidate who has piqued an employer’s interest is a more meaningful meeting and may lead to a job offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the details here and sign up for AJE’s Virtual Job Fair.


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