The New Year is around the corner and we hope you are revved up for a successful job search starting now. Outlined below are your best moves for 2015. The US employment market is expected to strengthen in the New Year so get ready to find

For starters, update your resume. Use action verbs and list achievements. Find resources on resume building on our site. This is your prime marketing tool so build it with precision, accuracy and pizzazz. Get noticed!

Sign up for job alerts at our website. America’s Job Exchange uses Job Scouts to get job alerts directly to your email.

Send your resume to job boards such as ours for resume distribution. We have access to millions of potential employers and by registering with us you can access that extensive database. It saves time and gets results quickly.

Prepare for your interview. When you are granted an interview, you need to prepare very carefully. It is your chance to create the best impression that you can and show a side of you that cannot be demonstrated through a resume. People like to hire people they can connect with and with whom they think they can work well. Check out our site for interview success.

Staying updated and current in your profession is a must these days. The market out there is competitive so having an edge will help you get ahead and stay ahead. We can help you find the best online education program.

All the best in your job search and know that we are always here to assist you.



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