As a company that focuses on helping companies ensure they have a diverse work place, we, at America’s Job Exchange, were pleased to see that’s becoming more and more important to employees. The SHRM Talent Expo’s 2015 job satisfaction and engagement report, published on April 28, 2015, brought to light the following:

  • In the last four years, the percentage of respondents that listed aspects of job satisfaction, rated “Organization’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce” as “Very Important”: (2011) 22%, (2012) 27%, (2013) 28%, and (2014) 29%.

To see the full report click here

As evidenced by the above, hiring diversity is an essential business concern as it’s continuing to play an important role in employee satisfaction.  In addition, as markets expand globally, being able to understand clients and their needs across cultures and regions is crucial.  A multicultural, talented and trained employee pool gives a company that key advantage.   

It’s important for companies to target their efforts to this employment sector and develop multi-tiered methods to reach these distinct employees. One of the most important first steps is to perform a survey of all your departments to pinpoint which areas need more development and can benefit from the addition of diverse talent. From there, your job ads should have verbiage that’s all-inclusive, but even more importantly job goals should be appealing to all groups.

Hiring diversity should not be just a noble goal of companies.  It makes tremendous economic sense for companies to do so and based on the recently released numbers, is important for job satisfaction.

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