There is a myth out there that companies do not hire in the summer. The truth could not be farther off. For companies, summer is business as usual. So to keep your job search moving in the dog days, here are some suggestions:

Network at Social Events
Summer is naturally a more social time, so use social events like barbecues, marriages, picnics etc. to network and build contacts without being aggressive and needy as that turns people off. Make connections and follow up appropriately.

Create/ Belong to Networking Groups
Create or belong to groups of like- minded people to keep your summer job search alive. You might have leads that someone else could use and vice versa. Also, this is a way to connect with people who are facing similar challenges and talking to them will keep you on the right track and provide insights.

Jobs Are There
The fact is there are many unfilled jobs due to lack of skilled candidates and the summer will give you an edge because you will face less competition if other job- seekers also believe in the “no- jobs- in- the- summer” myth. Companies are looking to hire talent and especially in the technical field there is a huge dearth of qualified candidates.

Assess Your Resume and Skills
Re-evaluate your resume. Does it show you in the best light? Are your skills very easy to understand? Is your resume reader-friendly and keyword heavy? Do some research on what good resumes should incorporate. You can also enlist the help of a professional resume writing service. Or, perhaps have your resumes distributed to hundreds of job sites for maximum exposure. Also, take a look to see if you could or should add any credentials to stay current or show case new skills.

Interviews May Be Sped Up
Hiring managers, due to vacation schedules etc. may be able to pack in a whole bunch of interviews in one day instead of spreading them out over a few days as is typical. This is obviously great as things can move in a timely manner despite peoples’ summer schedules. Also, if you are hired, summer is always a better transition time especially with families with school-age children. Take advantage of an interview preparation service to sharpen your skills.

Don’t Get Discouraged
Summer may make it hard for you to reach the “right” people, but don’t back off. Be consistent with your efforts, call who you need and leave polite messages. With consistency and patience you will get your calls answered and possibly a face-to-face. Keep a job search schedule so you are spending a fixed amount of time every day of the work week to work on your job search. You should also check out many job search resources offered by America’s Job Exchange.

Just because summer is the time for beach and barbeque, your job hunt doesn’t have to take a back seat. Make the most of your summer – perhaps ‘Summer of 2015’ will forever be the most memorable of all. Best of luck!

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