blog-chatOn October 7, 1:00 PM Eastern, America’s Job Exchange hosted its first (very successful) Twitter chat! AJE partnered with Job Accommodation Network (JAN) and The Carroll Center to bring valuable information to employers on important components of disability hiring. We had great participation from many organizations and along with our partners got some very insightful feedback and helpful tips.

Below are the Twitter Chat questions and answers:

Q1. What are some of the Dos and Don’ts of hiring people with disabilities?

  • Ask job related questions that are relevant to the functions of a job for which the candidate has applied.
  • Consider what long term positions you can fill (Community Gatepath)
  • Have internships as well as permanent job opportunities for all qualified candidates (

Q2. What’s the difference between accessibility and usability?

  • Usability is how easy an employer website is to use and accessibility is how easy it is for people with disabilities to get to employer sites and content.

Q3. What are some examples of “reasonable accommodations” that may be needed during the hiring process?

  • Website structure
  • Fonts
  • Color adjustments
  • Interviews, tests and other components of the application process held in accessible locations.
  • Interviews in written format
  • Having interpreters at hand and keeping the place of interview free from distractions.

Q4. How can HR create a greater inclusive environment?

  • Train everyone involved with hiring on disability etiquette and awareness.
  • Conduct regular surveys to assess employee perceptions of inclusion or bias in the workplace as well as creating mentoring opportunities.

Q5. What factors impact web access?

  • Including a text equivalent description to every image
  • Transportability, mobility, glare-screens and lighting.
  • Content that’s accessible across a variety of platforms.

Q6. What are steps in the interactive process?

  • Identify job related restrictions and limitations. Regularly monitor and follow up to determine the effectiveness of the accommodations.

Q7. What are some required outreach efforts for federal contractors under Section 503 to hire Individuals with Disabilities?

  • Collection of data to determine how many Individuals with Disabilities (IWD) applied and how many were hired..

Q8. What are some benefits of designing with accessibility in mind?

  • Improving corporate reputation
  • Giving more access to content /opportunities
  • Preventing potential legal action.

Q9. What resources or tools do you use to help find accommodation solutions?

For the full Twitter chat click here.


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