Branding- Perception and How it Affects Recruitment

All companies have a brand- a reputation and public perception.   Through branding, job seekers learn about company values and culture. Effective, employer branding is key to attracting talent to the organization. If you need to build and enhance your brand, read below for a few tips:

Define Yourself:

To define your employer brand, you need to figure out what attributes and emotions you want to be associated with your company. There should be a list of words and themes that people identify your business with (i.e. work/life balance; family/community oriented, etc.). A good way to develop the company image is to work closely with your marketing and HR teams and leverage any branding material and messages they’ve already created for public consumption.

Consider enlisting your employees:

Think through the employee life cycle. Check to see that the employee experiences along the way are consistent with the brand. Every day, employees can be your most powerful and important advocates. They are the living proof of how great your brand is- especially when they display how good their job and work environment are.

Smooth Application Process:

An effective way to build positive branding is to be vigilant of the candidate experience.  When candidates apply for a job, they expect to hear back from the company within a reasonable time. Often, this does not happen. Many companies do not get back to candidates in time or ever. One of the ways to attract talent is to make sure that all candidates receive a response within a reasonable time that acknowledges their job application and when and how they will be contacted about their application. Treating candidates with the appropriate respect will contribute to a positive experience for the candidate and help create a positive reputation.

Train recruiters:

Recruiters are the initial as well as the critical face of the company. They should be able to explain your company brand and understand how their actions contribute to the brand or undermine it.

How Can We Help?

America’s Job Exchange has branding products that can strengthen your brand and help attract talent for your organization.

Need to hire quickly? Post a job and get the word out! Easy online posting and placement for high visibility with single and multiple job posting packages are available that will get you to fill open positions efficiently.

Our innovative brand advertising solutions will help improve your overall brand recognition. By availing of our various brand advertising and online sponsorship programs, you can demonstrate your commitment to diversity hiring in the workplace. Some of these solutions are:

Employer Profile Page, where you can:

  • Brand your company as an employer of choice
  • List all open positions
  • Demonstrate increased outreach efforts to veterans and job seekers with disabilities

Banner Advertising where you can:

  • Enhance your online presence
  • Connect with job seekers
  • Tailor your display advertising plan

A brand is a promise- in this case a promise to candidates. So therefore, your promise should reflect the best of your company, and appeal to candidates who fit the values and aspirations of the company. Building a valuable employer brand is a great investment. The payoff is worth the effort in quality and interest of candidates. If you are doing a good job of maintaining a positive brand image then applications will flow. Not only will you attract top talent, you will also retain them.






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