According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are many industries (healthcare and technology for instance), that are growing faster than the talent pool available. Casting a wider net means you will attract more skilled workers to fulfill your hiring needs.

Most corporations have a business mandate to hire candidates regardless of race, color, or national origin. For many, their recruiting policy and strategy is developed to ensure compliance with equal opportunity employment regulations (EEO). Establishing a recruiting policy and strategy focusing on hiring diverse talent however, has larger implications (and benefits) than meeting EEO requirements:

  • Diverse candidates bring skill-sets that are unique to their life experiences. Veterans, for instance, have an accelerated learning curve and distinctive leadership skills because of their military training, according to Veterans Today’s10 Top Reasons to Hire Veterans.”
  • A diversified office environment can contribute to promoting a heterogeneous culture which contributes richness to the work environment and enhances the quality of work life.
  • Diverse employees bring a unique perspective to the workplace. They offer fresh ideas and viewpoints, and different approaches to doing business.
  • A multicultural, talented and trained employee pool gives a company the key advantage of being able to understand clients and their needs across cultures and regions, which is crucial as markets expand globally.

The bottom line is that employing diverse employees accomplishes multiple business objectives Employing and retaining diverse talent promotes a work culture that is inclusive while also attracting candidates with unique skills and which ultimately plays an important role in employee job satisfaction. Businesses should strive for an environment where the talents and skills of different groups are valued to ultimately improve productivity and make for a better work place all around.

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