Did You Miss Our Webinar? OFCCP Audits – 5 Reasons They Fail

Due to high demand for more information into the industry trends of the topics of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Department of Labor regulations and compliance expectations, America’s Job Exchange has gone monthly with its educational webinars.

This September we chose to tackle OFCCP audits. We know they exist. We assist our customers through them weekly… but how is one organization selected over another? What takes place during these investigations? Is there any way to prepare, ahead of time, for an audit? If you have visions of a meltdown dancing in your head, knee-deep in a pile of paperwork…we can save yourself the rise in blood pressure. We teamed up with our trusted partners at Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates (PMP). They are based in New York and have been committed to providing full-service, strategic guidance on all facets of employer/employee relationships and providing guidance through the numerous laws and regulations that pertain to labor relations and human resource.

Grace Conti, the Director for Affirmative Action Compliance at PMP, was our host. Grace leveraged her vast experience, expertise and knowledge to take us through the complicated world of OFCCP compliance and audits. The hour long webinar titled: “OFCCP Audits – 5 Reasons They Fail,” was chockfull of information. Being such a well-respected expert in her field, Grace shed some much needed light into the world of DOL compliance expectations for those who are currently seeking federal contracts or are already existing federal contractors.

Want to know how organizations are selected for OFCCP audits? Have an overview of how many recent regulatory changes there have been? And find out what consistently are the top 5 reasons why OFCCP audits fail? Then run, don’t walk to the recording of our “OFCCP Audits – 5 Reasons They Fail” webinar. (We also have our presentation available for download.)

The current Director of OFCCP has raised audits to a new level of intensity. Learn how you can be prepared BEFORE receiving that letter, addressed to your company, in the mail.

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