After the AAP

How to Properly Implement the Affirmative Action Plan  – OutSolve’s newest presentation will help managers remove the grey areas of Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) implementation.

Here at OutSolve we support contractors throughout the country in Affirmative Action Planning, OFCCP audits and all things relate to EEO/AA compliance. Our primary interest is in AAP support, meaning every day we work with data, generate reports and answer hundreds of questions related to compliance. One important lesson we have learned over the years is that while many plan requirements are clear and well documented, not all aspects of compliance are so straightforward. Affirmative action planning can be as much an art as it is a science. It is often these grey areas that require the most support so OutSolve created a presentation to help federal contractors understand the requirements surrounding training and affirmative action plan implementation.

Our presentation is designed to help contractor’s achieve the following goals: 1) Generate real affirmative action within the organization, 2) Complete annual training requirements, 3) Present the results of the plan to both leadership and hiring staff utilizing different messages designed to provide a simplified and meaningful message to each.

OutSolve has conducted a similar presentation at the National ILG conference with great success. We look forward to teaming with AJE to provide a great webinar!


About the Author: Chris Lindholm is the Director of Compliance at OutSolve, LLC. You can read more blogs created by Chris about his favorite subject effective Affirmative Action.

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