ASK THE EXPERTS: Diversity Recruitment

ASK THE EXPERT: Diversity Recruitment with Jim Janson, AJE VP of Engineering

Up next in America’s Job Exchange (AJE) ‘Ask The Expert’ blog series, we are featuring Jim Janson, VP of Engineering. Jim lends his expertise both behind the scenes with our product and out in front with his extensive industry knowledge.

Q: You can’t be the Vice President without having proficiency in certain areas. Can you tell us what your areas of focus are at AJE and the unique position you have? 

A:  I have been leading the engineering team at America’s Job Exchange for the past 6 years.  In this role I work with the team that develops and maintains our network of websites, the systems for getting jobs from customers, job distribution services, the Outreach Management Solution, and all of the reporting that support those activities.

Q: How do you use your expertise to assist our customers here at AJE?

A: I work closely with our Sales and Account Management teams to understand the needs of our customers.  I take that input along with my engineering knowledge of our systems to develop proposals for products and enhancements.  This enables us to quickly implement features that help our customers continue to be successful.

Q: I have to ask you the “million dollar question” everyone always want to know the answer to… “Where do the jobs go?”

A: AJE has an extensive job distribution for our customer’s jobs starting with our own network of sites, America’s Job Exchange, Veterans Job Exchange, and Disability Job Exchange.  Together these sites are viewed by approximately 1 million visitors every month.  We also distribute our jobs to two web sites focused on the disabled and disabled veteran communities; and  All of these sites are updated daily with the latest jobs from our customers.

Jobs are also distributed daily to One-Stop Career Centers.  These are state employment agencies that work with job seekers and often veterans to match them with local jobs.  AJE also have a network of over 4000 Community-based Organizations which we send jobs.  These include organizations that are focused on helping a particular under-represented group; e.g. disabled persons, and also career centers at colleges, and groups concentrating on helping people of various demographic groups find jobs.  Each day we send the latest local job openings to staff working at these centers.

We have thousands of job seekers register on our site to receive job postings.  We send ‘Job Scout’ emails daily to job seekers using the search criteria that they specified.  This is an automated process that delivers the job openings directly to the seeker for them to review.

America’s Job Exchange is certainly not alone with a major online job site.  To give our customer’s job postings even more visibility, we have partnered with Indeed and to display these jobs to job seekers visiting these sites.

Finally, we do provide job distribution services for federal contractors requiring OFCCP compliance.  The OFCCP regulations require jobs to be posted on job sites that are run by the state.  For our OFCCP compliance customers we directly post their jobs into their account on the state job site.  Proof of the posting is captured for audit reporting.

Q: In your opinion, why is diversity recruitment important?

A: There are three reason why companies should be interested in diversity recruitment.  First, there may be regulatory reasons.  OFCCP, for example, has established targets for percentages of their workforce that are veterans and disabled persons.  It’s important for companies to show progress toward those targets in case of an audit.

The second reason a company should be focused on recruiting for diversity is demographic trends.  America is more racially and ethnically diverse than in the past and this trend will continue.  While today Whites account for approximately 60% of the population, this percentage continues to decrease.  14% of the population is now foreign born; many from Latin America and Asia.  The role of women in the workforce has also increased.  Over the last 50 years the percentage of women as the primary breadwinner in a household has increased from 10% to over 40%.  One parent households have nearly tripled during this time.  Astute companies will realize that to remain competitive in recruiting talent, they will need to look for diverse candidates.  Establishing their company culture as one open and supportive of people with varying backgrounds will help with their recruiting efforts.  Finally, let’s look at what diversity can bring to a company.  A diverse workforce can bring people that have differences not only in physical attributes but different backgrounds and life experiences.  This fosters a culture that is open, collaborative and respectful of differences.  Qualities that ultimately lead to more business successes.  Whether it is brainstorming for a new product or solving a problem, bringing in different points of view (and the tension those differences can create), can lead to new insights and breakthroughs that could not happen without the diversity of thought.  This can be the strongest reason why companies should actively engage in developing a diverse workforce.




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