11 Tips for Highly Effective Meetings

Unorganized meetings are the worst!

Everyone has been in a meeting that seems to never end, nothing is accomplished and you walk away wondering why you were even invited in the first place or why couldn’t this have been covered in an email … you are not alone!

Meetings, in the workplace, are necessary for exchanging opinions, ideas and collaborating to move projects forward or improve what already exists. Employees should feed excited about participating and contributing to their professional growth and the betterment of their company.

Organizations need to set expectations, so that a positive, constructive and professional experience is had by all employees. All it takes is a little preparation.

  1. Create Clear Agendas – Be specific with your objectives
  2. Double Check Your Attendees – Invite only those qualified to contribute
  3. Distribute Essential Material – Send out meeting critical documents ahead of time
  4. Tool Preparation – Arrive early to make sure all meeting tools are ready to go
  5. Check Your Clock – Be accountable, start and end on time
  6. Limit Technology – Devices are distracting, use only what is required
  7. Take Notes – Designate a note taker to guarantee all communication is captured
  8. Stay on Topic – Comments and questions should be concise and relevant
  9. Create Next Steps – Translate key takeaways and provide an action plan
  10. Maintain Meeting Spaces – Rooms should be left as you found them, or better
  11. Review the Results – Follow up on your action plans and evaluate the results

Every employee, no matter their title, should lead by example and follow basic meeting etiquette to ensure all meetings are efficient, productive and add value.

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