ASK THE EXPERTS: Recruiting Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities

ASK THE EXPERT: Alan Klapman, Director of Account Management

In our next installment in America’s Job Exchange (AJE) ‘Ask The Expert’ blog series, we will be speaking with Alan Klapman our welcoming Account Management Director. Alan manages the customer experience of the customers he works with directly, in addition to running our team of Account Managers who jointly service AJE’s 1,000+ customers.

Q: Please share with us your background and why working on Account Management makes sense for you?

A: Hi, I’m Alan Klapman the Director of Account Management here at America’s Job Exchange (AJE), the leading diversity recruitment and OFCCP compliance solution provider. I’m responsible for managing customer relationships and facilitating customer empowerment for their mandated workforce requirements and diversity recruitment initiatives.

In addition to being the driving force behind AJE’s successful customer engagement program, my primary focus is building true partnerships with our customers. I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years; always striving to be a trusted advisor by supporting our customers questions and concerns regarding OFCCP requirements and recruitment strategies.

Before coming to America’s Job Exchange, I spent time as an Internet Recruitment Consultant for, where I focused on maintaining and expanding relationships with existing customers and helping them maximize Internet recruiting through their available portfolio of products and services.

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ASK THE EXPERTS: Diversity Recruitment

ASK THE EXPERT: Diversity Recruitment with Jim Janson, AJE VP of Engineering

Up next in America’s Job Exchange (AJE) ‘Ask The Expert’ blog series, we are featuring Jim Janson, VP of Engineering. Jim lends his expertise both behind the scenes with our product and out in front with his extensive industry knowledge.

Q: You can’t be the Vice President without having proficiency in certain areas. Can you tell us what your areas of focus are at AJE and the unique position you have? 

A:  I have been leading the engineering team at America’s Job Exchange for the past 6 years.  In this role I work with the team that develops and maintains our network of websites, the systems for getting jobs from customers, job distribution services, the Outreach Management Solution, and all of the reporting that support those activities.

Q: How do you use your expertise to assist our customers here at AJE?

A: I work closely with our Sales and Account Management teams to understand the needs of our customers.  I take that input along with my engineering knowledge of our systems to develop proposals for products and enhancements.  This enables us to quickly implement features that help our customers continue to be successful. Continue reading


This is a first, in a series, of ‘Ask The Expert’ Q&A blogs where we will tap into the vast pool of industry knowledge we have here at America’s Job Exchange (AJE). This blog features our resident expert, Gary Cowan, Director of Compliance.

Q: I know you are an expert in your field, but can you give others a quick summary of why you are particularly knowledgeable in the area of OFCCP audits?

A: I worked at the US Department of Labor for over 24 years, 16 years as an investigator and 8 years in the Administration of DOL. During my time as an investigator I trained hundreds of investigators in investigative techniques and the application of the regulations. I also spent 8 years in Boston, NY and DC as a Director of Administration, supervising over 50 staff members, coordinating several national special projects and working with regional directors nationwide.

Q: How do you use your expertise to assist our customers here at AJE?

A: I have the unique experience that I have trained the auditors in investigative techniques, the application of regulations and the inner workings on how and why companies are audited. Providing that information to our customers is extremely valuable in their approach to an OFCCP audit.
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Did You Miss Our Webinar? OFCCP Audits – 5 Reasons They Fail

Due to high demand for more information into the industry trends of the topics of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Department of Labor regulations and compliance expectations, America’s Job Exchange has gone monthly with its educational webinars.

This September we chose to tackle OFCCP audits. We know they exist. We assist our customers through them weekly… but how is one organization selected over another? What takes place during these investigations? Is there any way to prepare, ahead of time, for an audit? If you have visions of a meltdown dancing in your head, knee-deep in a pile of paperwork…we can save yourself the rise in blood pressure. We teamed up with our trusted partners at Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates (PMP). They are based in New York and have been committed to providing full-service, strategic guidance on all facets of employer/employee relationships and providing guidance through the numerous laws and regulations that pertain to labor relations and human resource. Continue reading

Happy Birthday AJE!

Happy birthday.This Fourth of July, coinciding with the America’s Birthday, America’s Job Exchange (AJE) celebrates its 7th birthday. AJE was launched on the fourth of July 2007 and it has been an exciting seven years so far as AJE has gradually become a market leader in online recruitment with a special emphasis on helping enterprises hire diversity talent to ensure compliance with the federal regulations governing equal employment and affirmative action. More than one thousand leading corporations of our nation have leaned on AJE to help them drive talent acquisition through a combination of private sector diversity outreach and the assets of the state Employment Service Delivery Systems. Thousands of other organizations have used AJE simply to reach and hire talent. What started as a market exploration with the left over technology of the DOL’s America’s Job Bank ended up as a pioneer and market leader in a niche category of the online recruitment market that was non-existent before 2007.

During these short seven years, AJE has launched numerous products and services to help customers be successful. Besides consistently attracting more than a million job seekers to its flagship job site , it has launched community specific job sites for the veterans and individuals with disabilities to help employers enrich their affirmative action programs for those communities. AJE has extended job search to mobile through its iPhone App, and brought job search to the social media through its Facebook job search application. It has assisted employers to expand reach by the use of aggregators and created direct link to community based organizations that are critical for hiring diversity. And, it has collaborated with the state employment delivery systems to ensure job reach to those helping job seekers at the one-stop centers and searching on the state job banks. Once again, AJE has taken the lead by creating the most comprehensive reporting and data analytics platform to help organizations improve their hiring effectiveness and navigate through compliance evaluations.

This couldn’t have been possible without a great team that committed itself to the cause, and without the support and assistance from hundreds of partners in the ecosystem – such as niche job sites, affirmative action specialists, compliance consultants, EEO advisors and, of course, governmental agencies such as the state workforce development divisions in all fifty states, the Department of Labor and numerous community based organizations.

So as I look back to a hectic Fourth of July weekend seven years back trying to launch our site, I thank everyone for helping us exceed our wildest dreams of that day. And I hope that we will continue our journey with greater confidence and make bigger impact in the online recruitment and compliance category.

It is truly a time for celebration, and a time to renew our commitment!

Heart Bleed – Update

HeartbleedLast week, a major security threat named “Heartbleed” was in the news. This is related to a bug in the encryption technology used on the Internet for usernames, passwords, and emails.

We want to let you know that account information remains secure and America’s Job Exchange sites were unaffected by this bug.

At America’s Job Exchange, the security of the site is a top priority. The servers our sites run on are hosted in a SSAE-16 certified data center where access to the servers is very restricted. The facility provides redundant power and high-speed connectivity. Additionally, the servers are monitored 24×7 for hardware and system issues, as well as, security intrusions.   All of this to provide our seekers and employers access to the data they need, when they need it.

While the America’s Job Exchange sites were not impacted by this bug, it’s a good opportunity to review some good general practices around passwords:

  1. Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts.
  2. Choose a good password that will be hard to crack.
  3. Change your password with some frequency.
  4. If using a shared account, change the password when someone leaves the company.

We are here to address any concerns or questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to our support team at .