ASK THE EXPERTS: Recruiting Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities

ASK THE EXPERT: Alan Klapman, Director of Account Management

In our next installment in America’s Job Exchange (AJE) ‘Ask The Expert’ blog series, we will be speaking with Alan Klapman our welcoming Account Management Director. Alan manages the customer experience of the customers he works with directly, in addition to running our team of Account Managers who jointly service AJE’s 1,000+ customers.

Q: Please share with us your background and why working on Account Management makes sense for you?

A: Hi, I’m Alan Klapman the Director of Account Management here at America’s Job Exchange (AJE), the leading diversity recruitment and OFCCP compliance solution provider. I’m responsible for managing customer relationships and facilitating customer empowerment for their mandated workforce requirements and diversity recruitment initiatives.

In addition to being the driving force behind AJE’s successful customer engagement program, my primary focus is building true partnerships with our customers. I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years; always striving to be a trusted advisor by supporting our customers questions and concerns regarding OFCCP requirements and recruitment strategies.

Before coming to America’s Job Exchange, I spent time as an Internet Recruitment Consultant for, where I focused on maintaining and expanding relationships with existing customers and helping them maximize Internet recruiting through their available portfolio of products and services.

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ASK THE EXPERTS: Diversity Recruitment

ASK THE EXPERT: Diversity Recruitment with Jim Janson, AJE VP of Engineering

Up next in America’s Job Exchange (AJE) ‘Ask The Expert’ blog series, we are featuring Jim Janson, VP of Engineering. Jim lends his expertise both behind the scenes with our product and out in front with his extensive industry knowledge.

Q: You can’t be the Vice President without having proficiency in certain areas. Can you tell us what your areas of focus are at AJE and the unique position you have? 

A:  I have been leading the engineering team at America’s Job Exchange for the past 6 years.  In this role I work with the team that develops and maintains our network of websites, the systems for getting jobs from customers, job distribution services, the Outreach Management Solution, and all of the reporting that support those activities.

Q: How do you use your expertise to assist our customers here at AJE?

A: I work closely with our Sales and Account Management teams to understand the needs of our customers.  I take that input along with my engineering knowledge of our systems to develop proposals for products and enhancements.  This enables us to quickly implement features that help our customers continue to be successful. Continue reading

Why Diversity Hiring is Essential to Your Organization

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are many industries (healthcare and technology for instance), that are growing faster than the talent pool available. Casting a wider net means you will attract more skilled workers to fulfill your hiring needs.

Most corporations have a business mandate to hire candidates regardless of race, color, or national origin. For many, their recruiting policy and strategy is developed to ensure compliance with equal opportunity employment regulations (EEO). Establishing a recruiting policy and strategy focusing on hiring diverse talent however, has larger implications (and benefits) than meeting EEO requirements:

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As a company that focuses on helping companies ensure they have a diverse work place, we, at America’s Job Exchange, were pleased to see that’s becoming more and more important to employees. The SHRM Talent Expo’s 2015 job satisfaction and engagement report, published on April 28, 2015, brought to light the following:

  • In the last four years, the percentage of respondents that listed aspects of job satisfaction, rated “Organization’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce” as “Very Important”: (2011) 22%, (2012) 27%, (2013) 28%, and (2014) 29%.

To see the full report click here

As evidenced by the above, hiring diversity is an essential business concern as it’s continuing to play an important role in employee satisfaction.  In addition, as markets expand globally, being able to understand clients and their needs across cultures and regions is crucial.  A multicultural, talented and trained employee pool gives a company that key advantage.   

It’s important for companies to target their efforts to this employment sector and develop multi-tiered methods to reach these distinct employees. One of the most important first steps is to perform a survey of all your departments to pinpoint which areas need more development and can benefit from the addition of diverse talent. From there, your job ads should have verbiage that’s all-inclusive, but even more importantly job goals should be appealing to all groups.

Hiring diversity should not be just a noble goal of companies.  It makes tremendous economic sense for companies to do so and based on the recently released numbers, is important for job satisfaction.

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