Top 5 Reasons OFCCP Audits Fail

Here at America’s Job Exchange (AJE) we pride ourselves on “beginning to end” audit support back by our team of compliance experts. This team is led by AJE’s Director of Compliance, Gary Cowan. Gary spent over 24 years at the Department on Labor as an auditor, trainer and director…and now he’s on the “other side.” This unique customer experience, combined with our industry leading diversity recruitment and OFCCP compliance solutions empowers our customers and gives them peace of mind. Being aware of the most prevalent audit failures before an actual government audit, will better prepare federal contractors in creating effective best practices and keeping compliant.



New Executive Order on Paid Sick Leave in the Works

The New York Times reported that President Obama has drafted an executive order that applies to federal contractors and sub-contractors. It states that any company that does business with the federal government is to issue paid leave to employees. This will benefit workers who are sick, are seeking medical attention or need to care for a sick relative.

Paid sick leave divides the American Labor market. Among the highest 10 percent of earners, 86 percent of employees have paid sick leave, while among the lowest 10 percent, just 22 percent have it, said Elise Gould, a senior economist at the liberal Economic Policy Institute.

This Executive Order would make the sixth employment-related executive action impacting federal contractors in the past 18 months.  The others include:

  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Pay Transparency
  • LGBT
  • Equal Pay Report
  • Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces

This new executive order would set a minimum of about seven days paid sick leave and is broad in scope. It covers not just an employee’s illness but also caring for a child, parent, spouse, domestic partner “or any other individual related by blood or affinity whose close association with the employee is the equivalent of a family relationship.” Additionally, sick leave would also comprise a worker’s being away from work due to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. If that time was used to seek medical attention or obtain counseling that would count as well. Employers would be ordered to allow unused paid leave to accrue, year after year.

Detailed regulations will be issued by the Labor secretary by September 30, 2016.

New Regulations for OFCCP Compliance Discussed in Highly Attended Webinar

New Regulations for OFCCP Compliance Discussed in Highly Attended WebinarWhile half of the nation was under a thick blanket of snow and many schools and offices remained closed on February 5, almost 500 HR and compliance professionals called in to the highly anticipated webinar hosted by AJE President Rathin Sinha and Ahmed Younies, President of HR Unlimited. As the new regulations related to affirmative action and improvement of hiring and employment of veterans and people with disabilities go in to effect on March 24, the interest is very high to learn about the details of the changes and roadmap for implementation. The attendees were not disappointed. Both Ahmed and Rathin are industry leaders in their respective areas and they were not holding back to share their perspective and expertise. “This was a great webinar” exclaimed Pamela Headsten who was in attendance for her organization attendees in a note to Rathin “ I have been studying and researching this area aggressively for months now, and this was the single best source of information I have found yet.  Thank you for doing this. Keep it up”.
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Event Wrap-Up: Employer Breakfast & Discussion Regarding Hiring Veterans

AJE President Rathin Sinha with OFCCP District Director Rhonda Aubin-Smith

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It was a great meeting yesterday at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV), with just over 35 employers in attendance for the ‘Employer Breakfast & Discussion Regarding Hiring Veterans’ hosted by the The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), The New England Center for Homeless Veterans, and America’s Job Exchange (AJE). Continue reading

OFCCP Announces Measures to Strengthen its Ability to Identify and Remedy Contractor Pay Practices

As of February 28, 2013, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced it will rescind two guidelines restricting its ability to investigate pay discrimination, specifically its  “Compensation Standards” and “Voluntary Guidelines,” initially implemented in 2006. [i] Continue reading

OFCCP Sets Release of Unified Agenda for April 2013

Federal contractors and subcontractors long-awaiting finalized regulations of the OFCCP’s Unified Agenda can set April 2013 on their calendars. The OFCCP’s Unified Agenda will outline aggressive new rules and regulations in the coming year, increasing the enforcement of equal employment opportunity for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities with respect to hiring, worker retention, and data collection. The proposed rulemaking would amend the nondiscrimination and affirmative action provisions; consequently upping affirmative action requirements. Continue reading